John has been fortunate enough to build a following of thousands within the short time that he has been painting, and has received a great amount of positive feedback from customers and followers alike.

Sherrie Papayanopoulos

John is not only a skilled artist, but he has managed to capture the soul of the Greek Islands

Linda Baker

Brilliant paintings... he has a very real talent...

Desi Christou

Wow, what beautiful paintings! A feast for the eye.

Maria Siaflas

Beautiful. You are truly gifted.

Nuala Marcelin-Horne

Oh my goodness !!! how gorgeous is my picture. Your painting is vibrant, the colours are perfect and I cant stop looking at it.

Julia Gentry

Your picture arrived today,its so beautiful - photos do not do it justice.

Joanne Brazeau

It takes you away. Each place you can feel the water rocking or the carefulness of walking the cobblestone Streets. Smell of the salty air and where's the café? All this travel made me hungry for local cuisine.Colors explode in my eyes. Excellent perspective.

Ian Crispin

Bought this picture as a Christmas present for my mrs. She is absolutely delighted with the content and even brought a tear to her eye when she opened it on Christmas Day. We both love Skiathos and especially the town and it’s backstreets. The picture in my view is a perfect reminder of its quirkiness and tranquility. The colours are vibrant and distinct. This really is a lovely picture and John must be congratulated on achieving a fantastic picture. Having contacted John direct it was a pleasure to receive such great service from him and after asking him what frame to use he offered the service of framing it for me, which was a big relief to me and well worth the extra cost. Dispatch to me was first rate, quick and secure. I have no hesitation in recommendation of John and Etsy (and Royal Mail).

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